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We provide face to face training in the classroom or online using tools such as zoom. The key topics we cover are:


We believe that leaders are able to make an impact. As part of a global network of business leaders, we meet with others to be challenged and to inspire others to engage our personal, professional and spiritual lives to maximise our impact on our families, cities, countries and the world.

We also provide training to leaders on some of the commonly accepted leadership skill areas such as communication, negotiation, providing feedback and delegating.

Click here to listen to Glenda sharing some quick insights on 5 Ps for a leader. Overcoming Perfectionism, Performance, Permission, Priorities and being People-focussed. Which of these is your biggest challenge in Leadership going forward right now? 

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Glenda was running a workshop with a group of senior executives. When she presented them with a statement that members need to be motivated for teams to be successful, they laughed. They didn’t have motivated people. As if it was someone else’s fault. If people are not motivated, we need to look at the leaders. We help leaders understand and develop the skills needed to develop and maintain the motivation of their people.

Or maybe you have an unfulfilled dream that you can’t seem to achieve. You can’t seem to get started. Let us help you along the path to fulfilling that dream and turning into a reality.

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Financial Freedom

Financial freedom means that you get to make life decisions without being overly stressed about the financial impact because you are prepared. You control your finances instead of being controlled by them. Read more about what’s involved in achieving financial freedom here


We have limited resources and God calls us to be good Stewards.  Stewardship is management of what God has given or entrusted to us.  Read more about our thoughts on this topic here

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