Thu. May 23rd, 2024

Cultural Immersion

Since relocating from South Africa to Australia, we have had the privilege of exploring many parts of the globe.  From scuba diving the tepid waters of Fiji, climbing the icy peak of Mt Kilimanjaro, Tanzania to savouring the gourmet delights in Paris.  Spending a couple of nights at Everest Base Camp was an experience we’ll never forget, as was arriving at Macchu Picchu in the early morning mist before the crowds descended on the Inca ruins.

We have ticked off places, experiences and adventures that most only dream of. However, our greatest memories are of the people that we’ve met along the way. Even more noteworthy have been those with whom we’ve built deep relationships, having spent extended periods immersing ourselves in their lives and culture.

We are always keen to tell others about our experiences. You can look for further information about what we offer on the page about our speaking engagements

Introducing you to some of the wonderful people we’ve met