Tue. Jun 18th, 2024


Do you have an ever-growing list of things you’d like to do?

Do you struggle to correlate the expectations of others with what you desire your life to be like?

Are you consumed by your work and responsibilities, but yearn for more joy, fun, and adventure?

Have you accomplished much in your life, but sense something is missing?

Have you led a life of adventure, always on a search for the next big goal, but rarely reflect on the rich experiences life has already gifted you?

Our desire is for you to be intentional about what you choose to do and intentional about actually doing it.

Personal Coaching

Personal coaching is 1:1 and it’s all about you.

Our desire is for you to engage all areas of your life so that you can flourish. Our online or face to face coaching is driven by your needs and is designed to challenge and support you in resolving issues, setting priorities, identifying opportunities for growth and implementing steps to move you forward to discover and fulfill your passion and purpose. We take you through a process of reflection and help you get set up for the future.

We offer free introductory conversations, one off sessions plus intensive or extended programs.

Please contact us for a free introductory coaching session and/or to discuss your individual needs & options.

Corporate Coaching

We offer coaching to organisations looking to offer individuals and groups growth opportunities specific to their position and career goals. We specialise in motivational, leadership and project management coaching.

To discuss the needs of your organisation or team, please contact us.