Fri. Jun 21st, 2024


Do you have an ever-growing list of things you’d like to do?

Do you struggle to correlate the expectations of others with what you desire your life to be like?

Are you consumed by your work and responsibilities, but yearn for more joy, fun, and adventure?

Have you accomplished much in your life, but sense something is missing?

Have you led a life of adventure, always on a search for the next big goal, but rarely reflect on the rich experiences life has already gifted you?

Then this book may be for you.

Available in paperback, hardcover & kindle via Amazon and other major online and physical bookstores.

Using her own stories to entertain and challenge, Glenda Mitchell provides motivation to anyone wishing to live their lives without regret.

In 2016, the author was rushed to hospital with a 36 cm blood clot in her right leg and multiple clots in her lungs.  In the years leading up to this health crisis, she had experienced numerous significant events, but this near-death experience was her greatest life-changing moment. Following this event, she began reflecting on her life, celebrating what she had done and accomplished. This led to a clarification of her passion, which enabled her to make more intentional decisions and focus her energy on those things that aligned most with her values.

KICKING Out THE BUCKET List encourages individuals to consider their own lives and celebrate their feats.  It provokes the reader to think about what’s possible and challenges them to disrupt their own lives, perhaps changing the trajectory before something unforeseen happens that forces them to do so. In addition to being entertained by stories of travel and adventure, KICKING Out THE BUCKET List aims to prompt people to recognise that success in life is not about trying to achieve someone else’s list of goals, but to focus on things that bring value to their lives and the lives of those around them.

Be intentional about what you choose to do. Be intentional about actually doing it.