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Looking for a speaker to inform, inspire or motivate your audience? Glenda’s energy and expertise combine to position her to speak on a broad variety of topics. Her most popular speaking engagements include:

Life is like a marathon

What is it you’re setting your sights on?  What is important to you?  What is your race?  Maybe you’ve decided you’d like to run a marathon? Or maybe you’re thinking of becoming a school teacher, racing car driver or the Australian Prime Minister.  Perhaps you’d like to get fit or lose some weight?

None of these things can just happen overnight otherwise you’d probably have done it already.  Like learning to walk or to run, it’s a process that takes discipline, time & effort.  Maybe you even need to learn some new skills.

The 7Ps: Living Life with Intention & Passion

Are you struggling to focus on what’s important? Is your “to do” list longer than your “done” list? Do you have the motivation and tools to achieve the goals you have set? Let Glenda present your group with a simple approach to help move forward.


Do you have an ever-growing list of things you’d like to do?

Do you struggle to correlate the expectations of others with what you desire your life to be like?

Are you consumed by your work and responsibilities, but yearn for more joy, fun, and adventure?

Have you accomplished much in your life, but sense something is missing?

Have you led a life of adventure, always on a search for the next big goal, but rarely reflect on the rich experiences life has already gifted you?

Glenda takes the audience through a process of reflection. She encourages them to be intentional about what they choose to do and intentional about actually doing it.

Cultural Immersion

Glenda hase lived and travelled in various places across the world – for short and long periods – and would love to share some of the experiences with you. She loves telling you about the things you may not see in a short visit. She is particularly passionate about sharing insights about the people that she’s met and maybe challenging some of those preconceived ideas. And there are plenty of amazing photos to share.

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